2006-01-17 DracoArgentum and Ancalime have updated their profile galleries
2006-01-12 Mithre, Eve-Adeline and Chii-Chan have updated their galleries and profile information.   The profiles of Swedish photographers Johan Ahlberg, Per Lindstr�m and Nik Carlsson are now up.   New featured galleries by Tifa, Mimla and Elenath
2006-01-10 New featured gallery by Morgaine/Carlis Fridlund
2006-01-09 Elva, Firekick and Rebecka has been featured in the latest issue of Expressen Hall�. Get your copy while there are still some left - four full pages of nocturnal beauty!

New featured galleries by Aurora, Vlona and DracoArgentum.

2006-01-06 New featured galleries by Morgaine and Aeryn.
DarkFaerie and Angel has updated their galleries

2006-01-05 Welcome our new Swedish photographers Karin Stenvall and Jeanette Gyllenborg!
Also, Fevil, Morgaine and Tifa have updated their profile galleries

2006-01-02 Welcome our new Swedish photographers Tobias Leivald and BillyBob as well as Swiss model Ancalime!
Also Alyz, ChiiChan and Ulorin Vex has updated their profile galleries.
A new featured gallery from Tifa is online as well.

Observe! We will not take on any more non-european models right now! So in example, if you live in the US we will NOT approve your application. 2006 is the year that we will focus entirely on the European market. Please keep an eye on us in the future though, as we might extend. Thank you!

2005-12-31 Welcome our new Swedish models Osannda, Ophy and Fevil!
Also Amelie and Vlona has updated their profile galleries.

Happy New Years Eve!

2005-12-25 With four new featured galleries from our models Tifa, Vlona and MeanMagazine Nocturnal Models Agency would like to wish all of you a merry merry x-mas! (Adalmina and Meanmagazine also updated their profile galleries)
2005-12-20 New featured gallery from Elenath and the galleries of Rebecka and Nephania are updated.

In January our model Morgaine will work as a hostess at a grand opening for Mio in Stockholm.
We will also provide hostesses for MyAdventure at the motorcycle convention On Two Wheels '06 in Gothenburg.

2005-12-18 The gallery of Emilia is updated with three pics
2005-12-17 The profile of Emilia is now presented on the site and Yazzamin has updated her gallery
2005-12-14 New featured gallery from SINderella and photographer Johan Ahlberg. Sugarpussy has updated her gallery
2005-12-10 The profiles of US models Chanti and Sun Karma are now online and Kari has updated her gallery images. Also, new featured gallery (latest NMA workshop) by photographer Azra.
2005-12-08 Congrats to our fetish queen; Elva and photographer Carlis to the brand new Skin Two cover! You can also see Elva in the Skin Two #53 as well as the latest Marquis Magazine (#35). In the Marquis issue you will also find a fashion spread with the beautiful Lady Morgana in gorgeous Deiesoul body armour.
2005-12-06/07 Four new featured galleries just went online! More updates: The profiles of female models ChiiChan, Nephania, Rosetta and Miss Conduct are now up and Azra as well as Elin has updated their photographer galleries. And last but not least, the presentation and gallery of Uffe Zetterlund is now online!
2005-12-04 Tifa has a new featured gallery from her session with Mikael Rerer up
2005-12-01 The profiles are up for our new Dutch models Miss Suzn and Yazzamin. Go have a look!
2005-11-30 New pics in Morgaine, Tifa, Vlona, Sugarpussy and Eden Eye's galleries.
2005-11-10 Say welcome to our new female models ChiiChan, Miss Conduct, Miss Suzn, Yazzamin, Nephania, Emilia, Chanti, Nutopia and Sun Karma!
Also, the Hnoss, Morgaine, Adalmina, Kalashnikova, F, Neleda and Aurora galleries are updated! And don't forget to have a look at our 4 new featured galleries!

2005-10-16 We say welcome to our new female model Sugarpussy
2005-10-14 Don't miss our incredible halloween ball!
2005-10-12 The profiles for our new models Eve-Adeline, Kalashnikova, Insomnia, DitaPantouf , Rebecka, Eric and Moki are up. Also, Vlonas gallery is updated
2005-10-10 New photographer profile online: Dean Wilkinson - Welcome!
2005-10-03 New pics up in Edeneye, Angel, Kari and Aurora's galleries.
NMA welcomes our new male models Eric, Moki and our new female model Insomnia to the Nocturnal family!

2005-09-15 New photographer profile online: Michaela Johansson
2005-07-24 The Behind the Scenes gallery from the Toni & Guy shoot is up
2005-03-09 The "Behind the Scenes" gallery is updated with cool pictures from The 69 Eyes music video "Devils", Gemini 5's music video "When The Body Speaks", the runway show at Bacci and our workshop in Stockholm!