Location: Warsaw PL and London UK
Birth Year: 1980
Languages: English, Polish, some French
Experience: Experienced
Will Travel: Yes
Will Work For: Depends on Assignment
Type of Assignments: Gothic, vamp, fetish, anything dark. No nudity
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  Hair Color: Red
Height: 172 cm / 5.54 ft
Piercings: Ears

Interests: Modeling, psychology, vampires, animals, France

Past work:
Magazine covers:
- The Chronicles magazine (UK)
- Gothland magazine (Russia)
- Rock City News magazine (USA)
- Unbroken Metal (Germany)

Other features in printed magazines:
- Marquis fetish model directory 2005
- The Chronicles, featured in #26 and #27 on the centerfold and full back cover (UK)
- Bite me: interview (UK)
- The City Morgue: one photo (USA)
- Spectator magazine: an article about me (USA)
- Super Bitch: featured model (USA)
- Black Petals: centerfold (USA)
- Devolution Magazine: advertisement about modeling (UK)
- Gothland magazine: 6 pages of interview (Russia)
- The Rock City News magazine: two pages inside, various advertisements plus back cover (USA)

Clothing companies:
- Old Raven, clothing company from Finland

- Fashion show In "Victoria" Hotel in Warsaw, presenting dress by polish fashion designer and hairstyle by Wella

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