Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Birth Year: 1970
Languages: swedish, english, basic french and disastrous german
Experience: Some Experienced
Will Travel: Depends on Assignment
Will Work For: Depends on Assignment
Type of Assignments: Goth, Punk, Gamlrock, Fetish, Bondage, Artnude, Impliednude , Runway, Tradeshows
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Hair Color:long, black with varying extensions
Height: 165 cm
Tattoos: A small one on my back. There will be more to come
Piercings:three piercings, right ear.

Special Props:An abundance of gothic gowns and jewelry I am also an avid shoe and latex fetishist.
Special Skills:an ability to not take mysef too seriously.
Interests:reading, space-rockabilly, history, vodka and random narcissism

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Only serious requests are considered. Title photo © Tomas Lönnström