Location: Gothenburg, sweden
Age: 27
Languages: Swedish, English
Experience: Experienced
Will travel: Yes
Will work for: Negotiable
Type of Assignments: Negotiable
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Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 173 cm / 5.7 ft
Tattoos & Piercings: Tattoos on shoulder, right wrist and back. Navel piercing with shield.

Special Props: Fetish boots, faux hair, goggles, faerie wings, corsets, gothic lolita clothing and assorted clothes such as gothic, fetish medieval etc.
Special Skills: Acting and belly dancing
Interests: Webdesign, music, photography and animals
References: Has been a runway model for a fetish clothing company, modelling for gothic doll company and participation in a gothmetal music video.
Featred in Nocturnal Models Agencys calendar for 2006

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