Locations: Varberg, Sweden
Birth Year: 1978
Languages: Swedish, English and German
Experience: Experienced
Will travel: Yes
Will work for: Depends on assignment
Type of assignments: Goth, Cybergoth/Industrial, Fetish, Print/Editorial, Bondage, Artistic Nude, Implied Nude, Topless, Retro/Pinup, Casual, Runway, Glamour, Makeup
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Hair color: Artificial red
Height: 167 cm / 5.48 ft
Scarifications: 4 stars on each arm, a flourished pattern on chest and shoulders, a Venus sign above the left ankle, 3 V-shaped symbols on each front side of upper thighs. All scars can be made completely invisible by using cover make-up.
Piercings: One in lower lip, one in tongue, both ears, genital. All removable.

Special Props: Black Jackson Bass Guitar, very large lingerie collection, extensive wardrobe in all kinds of styles, wigs and accessories.
Special skills: My appearance can be changed radically by using different wigs, make-up, costume etc. Also very good at acting, singing, dancing (especially interested in oriental dancing), thai boxing and horse riding (good with animals in general)
Interests: Making music and singing (mostly electro/EBM), live performances, studio recordings, dancing and acting, writing/creating, modelling and photography, graphics

Hairmodel for Matrix Essentials (several times)
Runway for Pimkie
Runway for Clockwork and C&A

Casablanca Kino, Nürnberg, T. Probosch
Barbarella Piercingstudio, Gothenburg, M. Jälevik

Music Videos
Participated in the Maryslims music video "My Time"

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