Location: Paris, France
Birth Year: 1983
Languages: French and English
Experience: Very Experienced
Will Travel: Depends on Assignment
Will Work For: Depends on Assignment
Type of Assignments: Fetish, S/M, Bondage, Lingerie, Glamour
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Hair Color: Red
Height: 158 cm / 5.2 ft
Tattoos: 4 (two on the back and one on each side of the chest)
Piercings: 2 in nipples

Special Props: Tight corsets (16 inch), pink color and latex clothes
Special Skills: Make-up
Interests: Tight corsets, pink latex clothes

Photographers worked with includes Christophe Mourthé, Perry Gallagher, Robert Chouraqui, Eric Martin, S. Blum, Emma Delves-Broughton, Doralba Picerno, Ben Westwood, GMK, RootofSilence, EcceHomo, Andy Julia, Jylsc, Manuel Urquizar, Eric Bonzi, Andy Dendy to name a few.

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