August 11 | Three new featured galleries

August 6 | New cellphone pics at artnoir.mobi

July 22 | New featured gallery

July 19 | Cellphone pics! Wap to www.artnoir.mobi and download your favourite NMA photos directly to your cellphone!

July 17 | Three new featured galleries

July 12 | New models: Blende
and Le Fay

See the Johan Ahlberg photos of Nephania in a 4 page spread, Gothic Beauty magazine #23. Also with Drastique on cover.

July 4 | Articles in Expressen on Morgaine as well as the Björn Axén Academy runway show feat. Elenath, Aurora, Aeryn and MissBistress.

Runway show with Severina for Milano Square in Gothenburg.

June 21-23 | Performance shows with Morrigan Hel, Alyce Noir and Xarah at RMJ Festival in Finland.

Old news


Stockholm, June 26-August 17~

Mary Mayhem
Oslo, August 6-13

London, August 8-15

Los Angeles, August 8-15

Slovenia & Venice Italy, Aug. 9-19
New York, October 17-21

Ulorin Vex
Poole UK, August 19
Los Angeles, September (tbc)
London, October 5-8
Bristol, October 26-27

Michaela Johansson (photographer)
Dublin, August 23-27

Calamity Amelie
London, October (Rubberball)

Elin Strigå
London, October (Rubberball)

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