Michaela Johansson

Location: Uppsala, Sweden
Studio: Portable
Travel: Yes
Assignments: Artistic, goth, fashion, fairytale themes,
alternative styles, fetish, pinup, casual,
creative hair and makeup
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Currently I make most of my pictures with a digital SLR, but sometimes I use my analogue SLR as well. I know how to develope and process negatives manually, but prefer scanning them into my computer to process the pictures in Photoshop. Most of my sessions take place outdoors, using the natural light, but I can also go indoors if I have sufficient lighting equipment, or the possibility to use sunlight from a window or such.

My experiences of photography so far include:
· Photographed and designed the booklet and CD cover for the death metal group Visions of Mr. Burns, 2002.
· Portfolio shots with over 25 models (with varying experience), 2004-2005.
· Photographed five models and designed posters to promote a runway show for fashion designer Stephanie Vukmanic, 2005.
· Photographed the wedding of NMA model Hnoss (in alternative outfits), 2005.

Looking forward to having creative collaborations in the future!

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