2007-07-22 | New featured gallery

2007-07-19 | Cellphone pics! Wap to www.artnoir.mobi and download your favourite NMA photos directly to your cellphone!
2007-07-17 | Three new featured galleries
2007-07-12 New models: Blende and Le Fay
See the Johan Ahlberg photos of Nephania in a 4 page spread, Gothic Beauty magazine #23. Also with Drastique on cover.

2007-07-04 Articles in Expressen on Morgaine as well as the Björn Axén Academy runway show feat. Elenath, Aurora, Aeryn and MissBistress.
Runway show with Severina for Milano Square, Gothenburg. Pic of Severina

2007-06-21/22/23 Performance shows with Morrigan Hel, Alyce Noir and Xarah at RMJ Festival in Finland.
2007-06-13 Mary Mayhem is the new model for Salmath.
Runway show with Aeryn, Aurora, Elenath and MissBistress for Björn Axén Academy in Stockholm.

2007-06-10 5 new featured galleries.
2007-05-30 New model: December.
2007-05-29 Mary Mayhem and Zorsha in the new Gorgoroth video Carving a Giant. Also, watch the "Making of" from MTV.
2007-05-23 Adora Batbrat in Expressen.
Mary Mayhem and Zorsha in IMHOTEP (modelling for Gorgoroth and Coffin Girls).

2007-05-20 Two new featured galleries.
2007-05-10 Two new featured galleries.
2007-05-08 New model: Morrigan Hel (UK).
2007-05-04 Lots of new stylists.
New featured gallery.

2007-05-03 New model: Angel (Sweden).
New featured gallery.

2007-05-01 New model: Zorsha (Sweden).
2007-04-10 New featured gallery.
New models: Hila (Sweden), Immortality (Iceland) and Sinteque (Germany).

2007-04-05 New featured gallery.
2007-03-30 New featured gallery.
2007-03-16 Watch our model Gothness in the new Abgott video
2007-03-08 Contest with Nuclear Blast USA (closed on March 31)
2007-03-05 New featured galleries.
2007-02-26 New featured gallery.
2007-02-18 New featured galleries.
2007-02-11 New featured gallery.
2007-02-07 New featured gallery.
New products in our webshop.
Watch our model Dragonlady in the new video by Maryslim feat. Jyrki69 from The 69 Eyes!

2007-02-01 New Swedish models: Aneta and Willjamy
2007-01-25 3 new featured galleries.
2007-01-20 New photographers: Sanna Bernehed and Steve Larsson.
Two new featured galleries.
Check out the article on SINderella in the latest issue of Fitness Magazine.

2007-01-10 Two new featured galleries.
2006-12-23 New models: Dark Princess, Maz and Koneko.
Featured gallery by Viva la Whore.
Happy holidays from all of us at NMA!

2006-12-19 New model: Cake.
Featured gallery by MeanMagazine.
Press section updated with articles on Dragonlady and Felicia plus the Therion promo CD with Aurora.

2006-12-14 Our new NMA webshop has finally opened! Welcome!
2006-12-12 Featured gallery by ChiiChan.
2006-12-03 New model: Alyce Noir.
Featured gallery by Kari.

2006-11-28 New model: Genia.
Featured galleries by Mangafaerie, Ethereal, Amelie and Amanda.
Press section updated with an article on Morgaine.

2006-11-15 New model: AlbertFish
New article with Viva la Whore in our Press section
Featured galleries by Nephania, Severina and Morgaine.
Two galleries with pics from our Halloween Ball are now in Showroom

2006-10-30 New model: Mia
Featured galleries by Amanda, Rebecka and Gothness
Several new covers and articles in Press section

2006-10-15 Featured galleries by Anthrax and MissBistress.
New model: Ariel
2006-10-06 New makeup artist: Ósk Kristjánsdóttir
2006-10-05 New photographer: Tony Rusecki and stylist: Susanne Carlén
2006-09-18 Featured galleries by Morgaine, Rosetta, Elenath, MissBistress, MeanMagazine, Amanda and Aeryn & Aurora
New model: Adora BatBrat
2006-08-15 NMA would like to thank Jonna of Satyricon and "the baccant ladies" - as well as the entire set for a fun and memorable day in Oslo. "The Pentagram burns" video as well as some stills can be found on their website
2006-08-09 Put up some music videos featuring our models. See "Showroom"

2006-08-06 New photographer: Annie Bertram and makeup artist: Regina Törnwall

2006-07-25 Press section updated - Felicia covers Elegy Ibérica
2006-07-19 New photographer: Joakim Hansson
2006-07-12 Cat is the new guitarist of Deathstars
2006-07-01 New photographer: Henrik Pilerud
2006-06-30 New models: Nymphique and Mary Mayhem
2006-06-27 New gallery in the behind the scenes section
2006-06-07 New photographer: Tobias Fischer
2006-05-31 New models: Gnosis, Severina and [RedruM]
2006-05-05 New model: Anthrax
2006-04-29 New model: Amanda
2006-04-16 Welcome our new models Chequered and Xarah
2006-03-17 New French model Ohm a.k.a Stigmata and Swedish model Nolana
2006-03-14 New European models Nothing In Control (Belgium), Léa (France) and Swedish photographer Christian Rockström
2006-02-03 We have set up a blog for our models: NMA Blog. Feel free to visit and comment!
2006-02-02 The behind the scenes gallery is updated with pics from last weekends MC fair featuring some NMA models as hostesses for MyAdventure.
2006-01-09 Elva, Firekick and Rebecka has been featured in the latest issue of Expressen Hallĺ

2006-01-05 New Swedish photographers Karin Stenvall and Jeanette Gyllenborg
2006-01-02 New Swedish photographer Tobias Leivald as well as Swiss model Ancalime
2005-12-31 New Swedish model Osannda
2005-12-25 With four new featured galleries from our models Tifa, Vlona and MeanMagazine Nocturnal Models Agency would like to wish all of you a merry merry x-mas!
2005-12-20 We will provide hostesses for MyAdventure at the motorcycle convention On Two Wheels '06 in Gothenburg.
2005-12-08 Congrats to our fetish queen; Elva and photographer Carlis to the brand new Skin Two cover! You can also see Elva in the Skin Two #53 as well as the latest Marquis Magazine (#35). In the Marquis issue you will also find a fashion spread with the beautiful Lady Morgana in gorgeous Deiesoul body armour.
2005-07-24 The Behind the Scenes gallery from the Toni & Guy shoot is up
2005-03-09 The "Behind the Scenes" gallery is updated with cool pictures from The 69 Eyes music video "Devils", Gemini 5's music video "When The Body Speaks", the runway show at Bacci and our workshop in Stockholm!

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