Location: Stockholm
Languages: Swedish, English
Experience: Advanced
Will travel: Yes, worldwide
Will Work For: Depends on assignment
Type of assignments: Fashion, Swimwear, Lingerie, Artistic Nude, Fetish, Goth, Glamour, Runway, Print/Editorial,
Hair/Makeup, Tradeshow. No porn or bondage.
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Hair Color: Black
Height: 165 cm / 5.4 ft
Tattoos: Tribal dragon tattoo around the belly button and large backpiece (dragon and tiger)

Special Skills: Horseback riding, makeup, acting and exotic dancing
Interests: Draw, clothing design, travelling

Cover of Elegy Ibérica, Portuguese version, #4 2006
Cover for Niklas Sivelövs fusion album "Black and White"
Featured in Nocturnal Models Agencys calendar for 2006
Published in Chip Foto/Video Magazine (Holland and Belgium)
Competition pictures (winner) and promo pictures for Toni & Guy Paris
Magazine ad for Seienstyle.net
Promotion pictures with Gemini Five for
Sweden Rock Magazine and website
Ad campain for De Ski - Clothing catalogue, website and more
Promotion pictures with The 69 Eyes
Promo pictures for ThalonDesign cars, 2006
Exhibitioned photos by Elin Strigå, Stockholm 2006 and Uppsala 2007

TV/Movie appearances
The movie “Book of Revelations” by Linus Raudsepp
Participated in four TV commercials for a Swedish pay-tv channel
Participated in a Swedish TV trailer for The Olympic Games
Participated in Lustgården two times (Titan Television)
Participated in Insider (Strix Television)

Music Videos
Participated in "Black and White" by Niklas Sivelöv
Participated in "My Time" by Maryslim Character part in "This Corrosion" by Maryslim feat. Jyrki69
Character part in "When The Body Speaks" by Gemini Five
Participated in Evergrey DVD.
Participated in "Devils" by The 69 Eyes

SOMEKINDOFFASHIONSHOW with collection from La Lune
Casual swimwear runway show at Centralbadet, Stockholm

MC fair "On 2 Wheels". Client: MyAdventure

GoGo dancing. Red Hot Hollywood Teaze, Stockholm

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