Location: Rome, Italy
Birth Year: 1979
Languages: Italian, English, French
Experience: Experienced
Will Travel: Depends on assignment
Will Work For: Depends on assignment
Type of Assignments: Goth, cybergoth, punk, fetish, bondage, topless
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  Hair Color: Varies
Height: 170 cm / 5.58 ft
Piercings: Three in lips, one in tongue, one in nipple, three in ears, 12 on back (corset)
Tattoos: Two

Interests: Music (Punk, Goth, Post Punk, Goth Punk, Horror Punk, Industrial, Electro, Heavy Metal, Black Metal), Cinema, Art, Literature, Style, Hair and MakeUp, Dresses, BDSM, Body modification, Esoteric culture...
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Only serious requests are considered. Title photo ©Erica Fava
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