Tony Rusecki

Location: London, UK
Studio: Yes
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Tony Rusecki grew up with photography. In his teens he worked as a printer in a specialist black and white photo lab for the film industry working on films such as Alien and the Star Wars trilogy. However, he didnít turn towards photography until around 10 years ago. His first commissions are far removed from the type of images he likes to produce today. His earlier work saw him photographing for many couture designers specialising in bridal and evening wear. Many covershots, editorial features and catalogue shoots followed, to the point where he was even responsible for putting together fashion editorials for one of the magazines. While photographing such items doesnít allow much scope for creativity, it does none the less teach the importance of being able to take a well composed and properly lit shot where a piece of clothing is shown to its maximum potential.

However being strongly into Londonís retro scene which is also strongly allied to the Burlesque and Fetish scene, it wasnít long before Tony applied his photographic knowledge to designers of alternative clothing, particularly retro underwear and latex. His style of photography is very inspired by photographers and pin-up artists of the 1950s. Much of his work has a humorous twist and is frequently over styled to the point where some people may call it kitsch.

More recently he has set up a studio which is called The Casting Couch. It is far removed from the typical white walled laminated floor sort of place most photographers use. Itís filled with props and the make-up area is decorated in the style of a Burlesque boudoir. The Casting Couch is more than just a studio, itís a collaborative effort of a team of individuals dedicated to produce eye catching images for whether it be a designer of alternative clothes wanting to show their collection, a model wanting to develop their portfolio or even a member of the public wanting to realise their fantasy.
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