Elin Strigå

Location: Örebro, Sweden
Studio: No
Travel: Yes
Assignments: Prefer fantasy portraiture of women
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Educated in the arts of photography in Gothenburg, Svalöv and Örebro (Sweden).

· Co-owner of Nocturnal Models Agency
· "Mystik" - exhibition, Restaurang Elverket Stockholm, 23/9-7/10 2006
· Cover of SkinDeep magazine #134, July 2006 (UK)
· Cover, poster and additional photos in Scandinavian Tattoo Magazine (2006)
· 7 full pages of DarkFaerie in Pop-Up Mag #2 2005 (Fr)
· Full page photo of Lisa Luck in Swedish magazine Mingla
· Commercial prints for Safari Hairstudio in Gothenburg
· Spokesmodel shooting for US company 'Crucified Designs' (Bluddys)
· Cover, interior and poster photography for punk band The Pricks (CD and LP)
· Band photography and promotional pictures for Nominon, Morlocks and Burning Saviours
· Cover, interior photography and promotional photos for blackmetal/opera singer
  Maria CaVenus (x2)
· Cover, interior and promotional pictures for singer/songwriter Tove Quick
· Promotional pictures and poster for folkrock band Rhiannon (now Shiva Rocks)
· CD and promotional photos for concert pianist Niklas Sivelöv
· Three photos published in a book called Skaparglöd ('Embers Glow')
· Three photos published in the Nocturnal Models calendar of 2006
· Photos published on/part of layout of websites such as This Ending, Dekadance,
  Nocturnal Models Agency and Diablo Bodypiercing
· Seven photos published in the SFÖ calendar of 2006
· Exhibition in Gothenburg, December 4-17 2004: "21st Century Fairytale"
· Featured photo of Elva in Alufem Magazine #1 2006 (Italy)
· Interviews in internet magazines Vamp Fatale and Modern Showgirls
· Interview in magazine Nollnitton #1 2007
· Portfolio shots for over 50 alternative models

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