Annie Bertram aka "Darkview"

Location: Laufenburg, Germany/Switzerland
Studio: Yes
Travel: In general, yes. Depends on assignment
Assignments: Portraiture, fashion, fetish, pinup,
goth, bands, events, concerts - anything interesting
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Annie Bertram's interest in photography was triggered by visiting a course in perspective drawing and structure at the Hochschule for graphics and book art in Leipzig, Germany.
About ten years ago she was asked to take a picture of someone and was handed a reflex camera. That was the turning point and from then on she developed a great passion for this form of art. After experimenting in many different areas of photography she decided that portraying people posed the biggest challenge. She was intrigued by capturing the numerous different personalities in that crucial moment, in which they give her a glimpse of their innermost self.
Annie's photography is an attempt to reveal what most fail to see – thoughts, feelings and destinies. Rather than merely photographing pretty faces, her pictures are an art of profundity and storytelling. Depending on the theme they're either taken in her photo studio, in extraordinary, often morbid locations or in mystical nature settings.
Word quickly got around the goth scene regarding her talent behind the lens. Soon she received many requests for promo shootings or CD-Booklet-Artworks for wellknown bands like Blutengel, Terminal Choice, Unheilig, Staubkind and Metallspürhunde. She also made a name for herself by having concert photos and band shootings published in the Orkus Magazine. Not long after, the name Annie Bertram became a trademark for pretentious and creative photography art.

The illustrated book "Die Farbe der Träume" ("The Colour of Dreams") which was published in Spring 2004 by Edition 42 marked the highlight of her career. The opus addresses on 84 pages the subject "dreams" and shows, just how fascinating and crazy our nightly fantasies can be. Annie illuminates the whole spectrum of dreams – from erotic daydreams over scurrile experiences during a light sleep to angst-ridden nightmares – with stunning, sometimes disturbing photographs. Various wellknown figures from the scene have written about dream phantasies as have talented writers in Annie's circle of friends. These texts accompany the haunting pictures of the artist born in Leipzig, Germany. Among others, Constance Rudert and Chris Pohl (Blutengel), Der Graf (Unheilig), Anke Hachfeld (Mila Mar) and the writer Christian von Aster let us in on their most intimate dreams. The beautifully illustrated book achieved enthusiastic critic and spurs one's curiosity about Annie Bertram's future visual delicacies.

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