Viva La Whore
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Birth Year: 1986
Languages: Swedish, English
Experience: Experienced
Will travel: Depends on assignment
Will work for: Depends on assignment
Type of assignments: Goth, glamrock, fetish, artistic nudity, topless, pinup, casual, tradeshows.
Other assignments negotiable (no porn)
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  Hair Color: Currently brown
Height: 167.5 cm / 5.5 ft
Piercings: Ears, center lip, tongue, septum, navel, nipples
Tattoos: Lower back, below navel and one on my left ankle

Interests: Fast cars and motorcycles, interior design, clothing and shoes,
psychology, music

· Participated in the Fatal Smile video "Learn-Love-Hate", October 2005
· Club hostess and appear on stage with Bai Bang, 2006
· Act and appear on TV in "Cold Case Sweden", March 2006
· Appear on stage with Nasty Idols on Sweden Rock Festival, June 2006
· Participated in the radio show P3 Christer, June 2006
· Participated in RevelationZ Magazine, June 2006
· Participated in Sweden Rock Magazine, July 2006
· Runway for Techdoll, August 2006
· Article on my modelling in Sundsvalls Tidning, November 2006
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