Location: Germany, near Heilbronn/Stuttgart
Birth Year: 1974
Languages: German, English
Experience: Advanced
Will Travel: Yes
Will Work For: Depends on assignment
Type of Assignments: Goth, cybergoth, fetish, artistic nudity, topless, pinup, casual, runway, tradeshows
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Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Height: 174 cm/ 5.71 ft
Tattoos: None
Piercings: 5 piercings in left ear


Roman Kasperski, Markus Richter, Claus Troendle, Nicolas Plakidas, Andreas Neubauer, Rita & Roman Märzinger, Stahlwolf, Frank Teichmann, Berserker, Jürgen Wegner, Sabine Schönberger, Rüdiger Schestag, Thomas Limberg, Calvato, Thomas Buchta, Herb Craemer, Klaus Fuchs, Antonio Stross, Jörg Böh, Tessa [offkey], Thomas van de Scheck, Sylvie Blum, Mathias Klingler, Stefan Gesell, Tom Cooper, Martin Pelzer, Boris Schmalenberger, Bevis Nickel, Carmelo Burgaretta, Eric Martin, Clarke Drahce, Francois Jerome, Maxime Avet, Fred Kyrel, Dennis Stratmann, Kaan Atila, Elisabeth Hackmann, Zarya Eleva, Susann Loessin, Kai Strasser, Pitt Blind, Calvin Hollywood, Christophe Mourthe, Hans Goessing and others...

Model for:
Ars Vivendi
2te Haut
Savage Wear
Xtra-X Underground Fashion
Atsuko Kudo
Rubbers Finest
Domination Boutique

Andreas Remshardt
Michaela Glasstetter / Tolllkirsche
Fierce Couture
Absolute Danny
Savage Wear
Torture Garden Clothing


Deseria "Six days to hell"

SM News 3 / 2004 - cover and interview
Extreme Sündenfall Compilation 2 - cover and booklet, label: Indigo
SKIN TWO 51 - TvdS special
Schlagzeilen 82 - TvdS special
Marquis 34 - Tvds special & Fetishevolution report
Marquis 35 - SavageWear report & Extreme Sündenfall Sampler review
"A" Magazine, issue zero - Spotlight
DARK SPY Magazine 01/06 - Cover
GUM Magazin Nr.197 - Cover
GUM Magazin Nr.198
SonicSeducer Gothic & Fetish Calendar 2007 - months april and july
FULLSIZE 04/2006 - Cover
DARK SPY Magazine 14/2006 - cover + interview
Book Cover "The Decision, A Femdom Novel" von Chris Bellows
Marquis 40 - Num-eric Report

Books & project works:
"Photography" by Stefan Gesell
"DeGeneration" by Thomas van de Scheck
"Intense" by Herr Buchta

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