O° a.k.a Stigmata

Location: France
Birth Year: 1974
Languages: French, English
Experience: Advanced
Will travel: Depends on assignment
Will work for: Depends on assignment
Type of assignments: Fetish, bondage, topless,
heavy rubber, latex doll, fetish fashion
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  Hair Color: Black and pink
Height: 160 cm / 5.3 ft
Tattoos: 4 tattoos; 3 black ink chinese signs on lower back, lower tummy and foot, 1 chinese calligraphy on top of the back
Piercings: 16; ears, tongue, labret, nipple, navel, nose

Special Props: Many corsets, dresses and neck pieces in latex, vinyl, spandex, Xtrem shoes, many collars in leather and latex, also a varied collection of metal clothing and accessories
Special Skills: Heavy Rubber abilities, many shoots in duos, bondage, also some experience in videos
Interests: Fetish art of all kind... Artistic images, shiny textures...


Robert Chouraqui, Eric Martin, Eric Bonzi, Fred Kyrel, Leon Saperstein, Thomas Rusch, Thomas Sing, Erick de Panavières, JYLSC and many more

Alyz, Pinkie Pain, Mina, Mademoiselle Isa, MarieV, Agatha Moon, Sinteque

Bizarre Magazine, Playboy, "A" , Interconnexion, Education SM, Elegy, Sonic Seducer and more
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Only serious requests are considered. Title photo ©Eric Martin
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