Location: Reading, UK
Age: 1984
Languages: English
Experience: Experienced
Will Travel: Yes
Will Work For: Depends on assignment
Type of Assignments: Glamrock, fetish, artistic nudity, topless, pin up, runway, tradeshows, showgirl, burlesque
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Hair Color: Red at top, black at bottom
Height: 160 cm / 5.3 ft
Tattoos: Tribal on back of the neck, writing around both wrists, stars on collarbone, card design on hips, backpiece, half-sleeve of Alice in Wonderland
Special Skills: Burlesque/fetish performer
Interests: Dita Von Teese, Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Bernie Dexter etc.

Worked with a vast number of photographers including:
*Alan Headland
*Jan Bassett
*Russell Coleman
*Clive Fetishworld
*Matt The Viking
*Damien Searle
*Dave ImageShrine
*Digital Extreme
*Becky Randel
*Tim Caddick
*Andy Gothic Image
*James Alan
*Jon Silver
*Malcolm Mellon
*Martyn Pinches
*Matthew Ham
*Mol Smith
*Paul Alexander
*Paul Marin
*Paul Shanley
*Simon Peekabou
*Philip Visual Kandi
*Tony Rusecki
*Victoria Antonio
*Sian Williams

Featured on:
*Satanic Sluts
*Suicide Girls (now in "archived girls")
*Burning Angel
*Naughty Goth
*Salvation films

Published in:
*The Face - May 2004
*Kerrang - June 12th 2004
*Bizarre - July 2004
*Erotic Review - 3rd edition
*Penthouse - November 2004
*Alternative London - November/December 2004
*Metal Hammer - January 2005

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Only serious requests are considered. Title photo ©Arwendur
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