Mary Mayhem

Location: Gothenburg
Birth Year: 1980
Languages: Swedish, English
Experience: Some experience
Will travel: Yes
Will work for: Depends on assignment
Type of assignments: Goth, punk, glamrock, fetish, bondage, artistic nudity, implied nudity, pinup, casual, runway, tradeshows
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  Hair Color: Red
Height: 170 cm / 5.58 ft
Tattoos: Half sleeve in progress, both shoulders, one wrist, various on back, purple flames on the side
Piercings: Ears

Special Skills: Horseback riding, boxing, kickboxing
Interests: Music, cats, health, beauty and training


Model with Michael Håkansson of Evergrey in ScanBike #4 2006
Exhibitioned photos by Elin Strigå in Elverket, Stockholm 2006
On flyers for Nocturnal Models halloween ball 2006

Music videos
Satyricon "The Pentagram Burns", Oslo 2006
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Only serious requests are considered. Title photo ©2006 Johan Ahlberg (Edit: Elin Strigå)