Location: Stockholm but travels worldwide
Birth year: 1973
Languages: Swedish, English, French
Experience: Advanced
Will travel: Yes
Will work for: Depends on assignment
Type of assignments: Anything but porn
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  Hair Color: Black
Height: 172 cm / 5.64 ft
Tattoos: Black tribal with skull on upper left arm, black/red cross on upper right arm and a bat above the pubic area
Piercings: Nose, tongue, ears

Special Skills: Drawing, sculpting, singing, acting
Interests: Vampires, satanism, witchcraft, blood, gore, metal, "abusing" my guitar, webdesign, all kinds of animals but especially cats


Klöverbladet (Alpha Romeo)
Vegas Rocks
Terrorizer #155
RockSound #96
Zero Tolerance #16

Other Publications:
Shoots for a British fetish book by Martin Wilson
Promotional Photos with the British black metal band Abgott (photographers Petter Wallebo and Chris Ayres)
"Blood & Dishonour" Book by Salvationgroup/Satanic Sluts (coming soon)

Melancholy Fables Productions, black metal record company
Bite Me Magazines' Vamp
Avanzada Metallica, metal radio station
Fatal Vixxxen, interview
Featured model at the record company GetMetal (October 2005)
Shoots for with EcceHomo, Madrid Feb 2006

Ward Boult, Los Angeles, Las Vegas
Petter Wallebo, Stockholm
Joakim Hansson, Stockholm

Music videos:
Abgott "Thy Infernal Fields" (Kayak Productions UK)

Leading part in the British horror movie "Subject 3", by Dominic Morgan, Danny Patrick. (Bleak Films/Empire Productions) Cinematography: Michael Miles
Documentary about the female body by 321 TV (Peter Gazynski)

Ward Boult (US), Elin Strigå (Swe), GMK (UK), EcceHomo (Spain), Matt Miller (UK), Martin Wilson (UK), Chris Ayres (UK), Petter Wallebo (Swe), Tobias Fischer (Swe), Jay Schultz (US), Joakim Hansson (Swe), Carl Abrahamsson (Swe), Carlis Fridlund (Swe), Shogun Productions (Swe), Alexander Bergström (Swe), Nik Carlsson (Swe), Uffe Zetterlund (Swe), Marc De Giovanni (Swe), Peter Broberg (Swe) and many more.
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