Scandinavias first and largest alternative model agency
We provide unique models for Print/Editorials, Runways, Tradeshows, Musicvideos and the likes.

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After having done a very successfull photoshoot in 2003, photographer Elin Strigå contacted model Malin Lindström about starting an alternative model agency in Scandinavia. So in late autumn of 2003 Nocturnal Models Agency was started. Malin went on to recruit several of the models now featured at NMA while Elin created the first web page.

Right from the start-up, we noticed an extremely high interest from models all around. Applications kept coming in and interest from photographers kept increasing. As a policy, we both agreed that no measurements should decide if a model was suitable or not. “We first look at each persons charisma, attitude and photogenique ability” – Malin says.

Since its start-up, NMA has been run as a non-commercial agency. In 2004 we also began to provide additional services to our models and photographers. We now regularly arrange workshops where our models, photographers and stylists gather and work together for a few days. We also provide skill-building events such as courses in Photoshop, make-up, legal training and more.

As for 2005, only time will tell, but we will continue to work hard to provide our models with quality assignments, strengthen our market position and brand.

We provide unique models for production companies, advertising agencies, magazines and the likes. Our models can be seen in promotion material, TV productions, screen plays, music videos, TV and print commercials, on runways, as movie extras and hired for spicing up club scenes etc.

We strive to maintain a one-stop-shop to help companies in need of alternative, goth and fetish models to quickly find exactly the type of model they need.

We believe beauty is more complex than what the mainstream media pumps out everyday. We want to reflect the reality that people are different and unique.

To keep our models safe, we take personal privacy very seriously. All personal information is treated with great discretion. Contact information and email adresses will never be shared with other parties without the models permission.