Photos: 1 Morgan Norman, 2 EcceHomo, 3 Gothic Image
Valeria Sinistrari
Location: Sweden, England and Italy - Works all over Europe
Age: 22
Languages: Swedish, English, Italian. Learning French and Latin
Experience: Very Experienced
Will Travel: Yes
Will Work For: Negotiable
Type of Assignments: I do Goth, Fetish, Vamp, PinUp, Fantasy, Alternative, Glamour, Classical in everything from Printed Photos, Art, Digital Art, Videos, Runways etc...
Eye Color: Dark blue
Hair Color: Most of the time black
Height: 175 cm/ 5.7 ft
Tattoos, Piercings etc: One piercing in navel, one in nipple. One small tattoo on each arm.
Special Props: Numerous pieces of dresses, corsets, costumes, jewelry, faux hair, medieval weaponry plus a doberman.
Special Skills: Belly dance (Middle Eastern and Egyptian), martial arts, horseback riding and dog obedience.
Interests: Dancing (mostly Belly dance), martial arts; Muay Thai and kickboxing, playing cello, listening to music, movies, travelling, cultures, photography, art, and much more. Passion: Reading and practicing the occult and magick, LHP witchcraft etc. Very interested in Sumerian/Accadian and Egyptian mythologies and cultures.
References: Worked several years with professional and wellknown photographers from Spain, France, Sweden, UK, and more. List can be given upon request. Have been featured as cover model of magazines - with poster, comicbook, to be seen in soon to be released book, catalogues, exhibition, etc. Have also worked for several gothic and alternative clothing companies.

To contact this model, mail Nocturnal Models Agency and include information about the job. Only serious photographers are replied.