Photos: 1-2 ęDonald Parsons, 3 ęPaul Jobes
Location: Scotland
Age: 1984
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French
Experience: Some Experience
Will Travel: Anywhere if expenses are paid
Will Work For: Time For Print and Pay
Type of Assignments: Open to anything - but NO nudity (including partial, implied, etc.).
Hair Color: Dark brown with bright red streaks in the front and tips
Height: 152 cm/ 5.2 ft
Tattoos: None
Piercings: 7 piercings: three on each ear and one bellybutton (all removable)
Special Props: Lots of corsetry (including pvc, leather and satin), leather clothing, bondage gear, pvc dresses (short and long), latex, New Rock boots, fetish shoes
Special Skills: Dancing (ballet, hiphop, etc.), acting (various plays and productions)
Interests: Poetry, drama, fairy/fantasy, goth, alternative, punk, fetish, artistic

To contact this model, mail Nocturnal Models Agency and include information about the job. Only serious photographers are replied.