Photos: 1 ©Johan Eriksson (edited by Meanmagazine), 2 ©Michaela Johansson,
3 ©Stefan Kaleva (edited by Meanmagazine)

Location: Uppsala, Swe
Age: 1985
Languages: Swedish, English
Experience: Beginner
Will travel: Depends on Assignment
Type of Assignments: Anything
Will work for: Depends on Assignment
Hair Color: Dyed Black
Height: 160 cm/ 5.25 ft
Piercings: Ears and lip
Special Props: Some kind of interesting clothes, an electric guitar
Special Skills: Painting, sewing
Interests: Music, good movies, other types of art, clothes and makeup etc. and my band.

To contact this model, mail Nocturnal Models Agency and include information about the job. Only serious photographers are replied.