Photos: 1-2 ©Thomas Lönnström, 3 ©Elin Strigå
Location: Västerås, Swe
Age: 1983
Languages: Swedish, English
Experience: Some Experience
Will Travel: Yes
Will Work For: Depends on Assignment
Hair Color: Black with different extensions
Height: 175 cm/ 5.74 ft
Tattoos: Black zigzag on hip and a small tribal on lower back
Piercings: Upper and lower lip, tongue, navel, nipple, 8 mm loob-stretching
Special Props: Fairy wings, Black Chinese Crested dog (powderpuff), lingeries, can fix my hair with plastic, yarn, dreads, colourful extensions etc.
Special Skills: Create extensions/dreads/braids etc. Horseback riding
Interests: Webdesign, video games, animals

To contact this model, mail Nocturnal Models Agency and include information about the job. Only serious photographers are replied.