Photos: 1 ©Tove Solander, 2-3 ©Lina Solander
Location: Stockholm, Swe
Age: 1975
Languages: Swedish, English and some German
Experience: Experienced
Will Travel: Yes
Will Work For: Time For Print and Pay
Type of Assignments: As long as it's alternative combined with fashion and/or an interesting art motive, it will be of interest for me.
Hair Color: Differs - right now black, some months ago shaved, sometimes blue, red or blonde.
Height: 164 cm/ 5.38 ft
Tattoos: Three: One between the shoulders, one on the curve of my back, one on my right ankle
Piercings: Twelve: Three in each ear, one in the right wing of the nose, tounge, labret, nipples, belly button
Special Props and Skills: Collect makeup and gothic and fetish shoes (have about 20 pairs). Collect and sew clothes, shoes and accessories in pvc, fake leather etc. Until now I've been sewing most of my modelling clothes myself. Painting, making design/art out of crap etc, jewellery handcraft.
Interests: Art and design, both creating and looking at/taking part of. Theatre, film, music, arranging our industrial/goth/alternative club 'dMz' in Uppsala, theology, clubbing in Sweden, London etc.
References: Photographers Tove Solander, Lina Solander and Alexander Bergström.

To contact this model, mail Nocturnal Models Agency and include information about the job. Only serious photographers are replied.