Are You an Alternative Model?

Leaving us your information does not guarantee membership. We choose our models by charisma, looks and attitude.

If you consider yourself "mainstream", please do not apply. There are lots of agencies specialized in models like you. We are not one of those agencies. We find beauty in the dark and mysterious.

Remember this when applying:


• Most measurements will not be shown in public (height only).

• Applications may be written in Swedish or in English. If you are uncertain of the questions, see our current models for tips.

Incomplete applications will be deleted instantly! Show us you are truly interested and go through our website before mailing us.

• Important! Along with your submitted photos, leave copyright information (name of the photographer and website address if any)!
NMA takes no responsibility for the photos submitted to or published at the NMA website. If you don't have the right to use your photos in this way, please obtain permission first or use other photos.

• Submit about 6-8 photos in mid resolution. No webcam shots and no photos above 200 Kb in size!

• You must be +18 years old to apply, or +15 with written permission from your legal guardian. (If you are approved we will get back to you with an address to send the permission to.)

New! We do NOT accept Non European models at this time.

Problems with the form or further questions? Email [email protected]


We take personal privacy seriously and will process your application with discretion. The information you provide through this form will never be shared with other parties without your permission. And we will definitely not spam your email!


For a successfull applicant, being a Nocturnal Model is free at this time.
We do not guarantee paid jobs but we will support your career in any way we can. Our wide network of photographers can help you build your portfolio.

Your NMA portfolio may be updated at any time and we encourage frequent updates to keep it up to date. Models may also supply images from their latest sessions that may be selected for temporary highlight display in the main gallery as their latest work.


We do accept applications from foreign models (if you live in Europe!) and if approved, we will promote you on this site in the same way as our Scandinavian models. At the moment we don't provide work for foreign models (unless you travel to Sweden) but we will support your career in any way we can and of course forward specific requests. If you are a foreign model, it is a good way to expose yourself since we have a good reputation on the market and many visitors.

Observe! We will not take on any more non-european models right now!
So in example, if you live in the US we will NOT approve your application. 2006 is the year that we will focus entirely on the European market. Please keep an eye on us in the future though, as we might extend. Thank you!


We do not supply models for porn.
Although, it is up to the individual model to decide what kind of pictures they will do. Nudity doesn’t necessarily mean “porn” but we will never provide assignments containing nudity or partial nudity to models under the age of 18.

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