Location: Valencia, Spain
Birth Year: 1979
Languages: English, Spanish, Galician
Experience: Advanced
Will Travel: Negotiable
Will Work For: Negotiable
Type of Assignments: Dark, gothic, fetish, vampiric, fairy, angel, corsets, glamour, fashion, various period: Victorian dresses... No nudity.
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Hair Color: Natural brown
Height: 167 cm / 5.48 ft
Piercings: Ears and navel
Tattoos: None

Special Skills: Photographer, artist, performer
Interests: Music, design, art, movies, animals, travel

· Photographers include Eccehomo, Luis Montolio and Victoria FrancÚs
· Featured in Poster Favole n║ 5 "IRIA", illustration: Victoria FrancÚs. Publishing house (Editorial): Norma Editorial
· Featured in Favole IV: Book of illustration by Victoria FrancÚs
· Featured in Cover Magazine Dark House (EE.UU) with Victoria FrancÚs
· Yama "AMOR", band cover (2005)
· Films: Musa Urbana by Mateo Torres (2004)
· Flyer: Existence Festival (Valencia 2005) and more...

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