Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Age: 28
Languages: Swedish, English, some French
Experience: Experienced
Will travel: Negotiable
Will work for: Negotiable
Type of assignments: Anything but porn
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Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 171 cm / 5.61 ft
Tattoos: A black sun tattoo on left upper arm

Special Props: Rock clothes, gloves, boots, fur
Special Skills: Acting, dancing, used to be a drummer, makeup
Interests: Acting, dancing, metal, webdesign, interior design and history

· Promotion pictures, flickor.se
· Promotion pictures with Gemini Five for Sweden Rock Magazine and website
· Featured in Nocturnal Models Agencys calendar for 2006

Music Video
· Gemini Five, "When The Body Speaks"

· Tusenbröder III. Swedish movie. Character: mother with child, scene with leading character
· Star Wars - Threads of Destiny. Swedish production. Character: Sha'Tilk, a female bounty hunter
· Commercial for Australian allergic medicine

· SOMEKINDOFFASHIONSHOW with collection from La Lune

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