Location: Texas, US
Birht Year: 1989
Languages: English
Experience: Some Experience
Will Travel: Depends on Assignment
Will Work For: TFP/Pay
Type of Assignments: Fashion, Artistic, Editorial, Hair/Makeup, Runway
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Hair Color: Black
Height: 5.2 ft
Piercings: 4 lip rings, navel ring, tounge ring, 2 lobe piercings, both ear cartlidges (all removable if needed)

Special Skills: Graphic Art, Webdesigning, Poi, Hair/Makeup
Interests: Modeling, Platforms, PVC, clothing, fetish clothing, corsets, hair extensions, synthesizers, digital art, piercings, gas masks, metallic things, etherial, decay, biohazard symbols, makeup, dancing, wigs, photography, webdesign, fashion design, jewelry, futuristic things, dreadlocks,wool, rexlace, yarn, foam, crin, making hair pieces, making dolls, making clothes

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